smarti tab

Date: 2014

The world nowadays is characterized by tremendous growth – progress in science, new technologies, the development of computer science go hand in hand with cultural and moral changes. These conditions essentially affect the quality of human life, generate changes in the organization and ways of people behavior, form space, as well as forms and features of items that fill it. Currently young generation is not familiar with floppy discs or discmans, that were in common use not so long ago. Their place take new products, technologies and processes applied, which more or less affect the way of life, the organization of work or rest of modern people.

The SMART-TAB desk is an attempt to respond to the upcoming changes. It is designed on the basis of analysis of the specific group of age. Shape of the desk was influenced by a number of factors: the way of life, cultural changes, reduction of items located within reach while learning-working, way of spending free time, new technologies.

Material: maple wood, steel, paint